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Welcome to Borghese Plumbing Inc.! Since 1985 Borghese Plumbing has been providing reliable, quality plumbing services in Santa Monica and surrounding area's in West Los Angeles and Southbay.

Complete Plumbing Service

A complete, comprehensive list of services for both residential and commercial projects are available. Borghese Plumbing takes pride in quality workmanship for every project. No customer is too big or too small, and support is given without question. It is our #1 priority, and since our customer base are largely clients who have been with us for many years, our support is our way of returning that loyalty.


We provide professional, affordable residential plumbing services.


From fundamental repairs like water and sewage leaks to advanced repipes, remodels, new construction, and plumbing design solutions, Borghese Plumbing has a solution for any commercial need. We are fully insured, liscensed and bonded, and have been in business for over 30 years. We stand by and guarantee any and all plumbing work we perform. Give us a call at (310)450-7473, or email us here for a free estimate and consultation.

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